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Digital marketing services

Your digital marketing should be integrated and joined up. In order to get more results for you, we make sure all your digital marketing channels are integrated together.





What services do we offer?

Social Media Marketing

We specialize in creating strategies in developing, growing and/or improving your social media presence. We handle Social Media Campaigns, Promotions, and Creative Strategies. We will help you create a large and loyal following for your ROI.

Corporate Branding

Marketing may contribute to a brand, but the brand is bigger than any particular marketing effort. We listen, illustrate and create branding concepts that resonates with our clients’ branding needs. We develop Logos

Walking Billboards

We offer a newer strategy of advertising on a billboard that does not only ‘move but can also talk’, The Walking Billboard, it is creatively designed to hold a life size billboard, of size 1.45m high by 0.50m wide, the back advertising area is 1.45m by 0.5m, the front ad area is 0.5m by 0.5m.

A printed graphic (your ad message) will be displayed on the light-weight framework connected to the rear of a backpack. The sales team carrying the backpack holding the printed graphic will walk around and mingle with crowds, while pass out brochures or demonstrate the product, in outdoor events and in areas with high pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Because it’s unique, new and attractive, it will definitely attract viewership to your brand.

This interaction sets the human advertising apart from other traditional advertising techniques, and crowds are normally curious and easily attracted to what is being introduced. You can use Walking billboards for specific product/service promotions in defined areas; you can also have us do any of your events promotions, product launches, Street Storms, promotions outside retail stores, restaurants, and malls e.t.c


Events planing and management for all sorts of events, including but not limited to, Corporate Events, Partys, Weddings, Hiring of Sound Systems.

Media Communication

Our team is competent in Media and Public relations, Strategic Planning and Program implementation, Development Communication, Organizing and developing strategies for the successful execution of public relations programs, identifying responsibilities, timing, budgets and process for evaluation.


We are ready to take your business to the next level. We’ll provide tailor-made solutions and strategies specialized for you.